Pineapple Crush


Back row: Denis Pitkin, Jeff Spencer, Geoff Armstrong 
Front: Karen Froelich, Geoff White, Lynne White

Lynne White   –   Lead vocals, harmonies,  ukulele, Irish whistle (band contact)

Geoff White   –   Lead vocals, ukulele, harmonies

Karen Froelich   –    Keyboard, ukulele, harmonies

Jeff Spencer  –  Lap steel, ukulele, bodhran

Geoff Armstrong – Bass

Pineapple Crush have been having a lot of fun together over the past 6 years, coasting up and down the east coast, way out west and all over the Sunshine Coast sharing their love of ukulele playing, great song arrangements and fabulous vocal harmonies. Their songs cover a wide range of era’s and genre’s from slow ballads to rock ‘n roll to Bluegrass.

In 2016 the name changed from the original UkeCrazy People to Pineapple Crush. 

In 2015 Pineapple Crush (then called UkeCrazy People) recorded their first album entitled Spring Fever, which also features a songbook with the chords & words to the 14 songs on the album.

Contact us for band bookings, ukulele workshops, ukulele jam sessions and club Flash Mobs!

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